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Why do some Muslims spit in other people’s food?

In reality is that most of the videos which came put during COVID time of Muslims spitting on food or groceries etc. was fake video and false propaganda aimed to malign Muslims and create polarization and communal hatred between communities.

Please see the result of factcheck of some of these claims by TheWire:

Please see the result of factcheck of some of these claims by AltNews:

Also please check what court has ruled regarding the much debated Tableeghi Jamaat Case:

The above court ruling clearly exposes the fake propaganda by biased media channels who day and night tried to portray innocent Muslims as criminals and responsible for spreading corona. The spitting incident is what followed to keep the fire burning as long as possible so that maximum political mileage could be extracted out of it.

Blowing Interpreted as Spitting

False interpretation of video

The origin of ‘spit food’ has been traced to a video clip that appeared on the Twitter handles of Hindutva elements earlier this month. The footage shows a Kerala Muslim cleric leaning towards a plate of biriyani, which was termed as ‘spitting to make the food halal.’ But many fact-checking news websites have already busted the false narrative, establishing that the cleric was not spitting but blowing air into the first plate of food (to make it holy) before serving it to guests, according to the ‘Fatiha Jalana’ ritual. It is learnt the cleric in the video is Ullal Qazi Fazal Koyamma Thangal and the occasion was the ‘Uroos’ at the Tajul Ulama Dargah in Payyannur.

Fake Videos / Old Videos / Videos from other Countries / Videos of Non-Muslims

The videos shared by RSS and Hindutva groups during COVID19 wave was aimed to demonize Indian Muslims but the fact is that most of their videos were either of the following:

  1. Fake / Doctored
  2. Old videos dug out from somewhere on the internet
  3. From some other countries (not India)
  4. Video of Muslims blowing on Food / Water (not spitting)
  5. Non-Muslim characters who were passed as Muslims as can be seen from the below mentioned proof:

Now lets have real Real Questions

  • Why some groups are taking so much pains to malign entire community and religion ?
  • Who is funding such people ? Who is promoting and propagating such videos ?
  • Who is giving them legal, political and intellectual cover to do such hatemongering so blatantly ?
  • And finally who is benefitting due to all this hate propaganda ?


Answer is simple – it is the hindutvadis with their many different organizations and faces all having same agenda i.e to bash other religions especially Muslims and Christians at the behest of their political masters.

Biggest idiocy is to believe that suddenly Muslims started spitting on food while in last 70 years we hardly heard any instances and suddenly find so many instances of spitting just after the Tableeghi issue and COVID pandemic.

It is clearly a ploy to distract attention from, failures of Government in controlling the pandemic and the economic failures that followed.

By the way courts have honorably discharged many cases against Tableeghi Jamaat and it has proved that no crime was committed. Did you see any media house or political party apologize for spreading disinformation campaign against these people ? Now the same people want to Malign Muslims for spitting in food. Tomorrow this issue will die down and they will raise new issue because in reality Hindutva is nothing but Muslim bashing.

Point to note is that Hindutvadis are hell bent on maligning Indian Muslims and are using all their political backing to remain immune from any legal problems that may arise for spreading their hateful propaganda.

They create lot of buzz with their fake news in trying to malign Indian Muslims and when the truth comes out completely opposite of their claim they remain silent and instead of apologizing they start planning and plotting and finding yet another excuse to continue their hatemongering ways.

So the misinformation being spread is not a mistake rather it is part of a well planned and calculated strategy. It proves that Hindutva is not linked to any religion because the founding principle of religion should be based upon TRUTH, whereas it is FALSEHOOD which keeps the Hindutva rabble rousing alive.

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