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U-Turns by Political Parties after getting in Power

In a democracy the opposition parties & politicians have an important role to play and that is of constructive criticism constantly monitoring & evaluating actions of government, acting as watch dog, keeping government on their toes and at the same time supporting the government on those decisions which was good for the nation. Similarly the government and Party in power also needs to take these criticisms in a positive way and the role of free press is critical to keep the common man informed about the roles played by various actors in this democratic processes.

Nowadays the situation is different, politics has reached such a low that when in opposition the politicians are against each and every move of government whereas once they regain power they start continuing the very same policies which they had opposed earlier. This change in stance or U-turn is such that it is enough to erase all credibility of these people however the problem is:

  • Very few people critically analyze things where the PAID-MEDIA & PROPAGANDA has helped create information filter and artificial bubble of information in which many people are happy.
  • Peoples memory is short lived.
  • Common man has difficult task as these kind of shameless politicians cut across all sides of political spectrum.
  • Politicians create artificial phobias based upon which panic decisions are made where survival is of primary importance (hence economic matters take back seat) provided They have no shame in making u-turns as they know that masses are gullible and on communal incident before elections is enough to change the outcome.

As the role of press is to target the ruling party more than the one in opposition we would like to expose the various policies and decisions of previous congress government which was opposed by the BJP which is currently in power. Also we would like to highlight various promises made by various BJP leaders including our PM before elections which now seems far fetched after almost 4 years of their rule.

U-Turn of PM on Aadhaar Card, Pakistan, China, GST, FDI


Crocodile Tears of PM Modi before elections on India becoming #1 in Beef Exports

  • In the video we can clearly see Modi before being elected as India’s PM stating that India becoming #1 in beef exports is not a matter of pride rather it is a matter of shame.
  • He goes on to play on Hindutva sentiments by stating “aapka kaleja ro raha hai ki nahin mujhe maloom nahi mera kaleja cheekh cheekh ke pukar raha hai“, meaning his heart pains at the thought of India becoming #1 in beef exports as according to Hindutva it is morally reprehensible to eat beef or to be involved in beef business.
  • Point to be noted here is that India is leading exporter of Buffalo Beef (Cara Beef) not cow beef and cow beef was banned in most states even before BJP government came to power. So Modi’s heart is bleeding here not for cow beef but for buffalo (Cara) beef as this is the category under which India became #1 in exports, clearly the speech is from 2012.
  • He goes on to exhort people not to remain silent and suffer the ignominy of India becoming the #1 beef exporter.
  • He closes by making sarcastic comment on then PM by stating that we cant expect answers from those who don’t speak; Well the same applies to him now, we cant expect answers from one who doesn’t listen.

Beef Exports after BJP Government came in Power

Keeping in view what was mentioned by Modi before becoming the PM w.r.t India becoming #1 in (Buffalo) beef export it is but logical to expect that he & his government would have taken strict stand like banning beef export. Reality is that beef export business continues to thrive [please check the stats in table below] even under BJP rule thus exposing the real face and hypocrisy of hindutva brigade.

This single example is enough to totally erase any remaining credibility that BJP government has but when we have most of the media being on the payrolls of ruling party competing with each other in singing paeans of the government and indulging in pro-government propaganda day and night there is rarely anyone who asks such questions from the ruling party. If any reporter dares to ask such questions he is made an object of ridicule by BJP troll army on social media and sometimes even starts receiving threats from hindutva goons against him and his family.



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