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Truth about Gujarat Riots 2002 & Failure of Justice

When we talk about Gujarat riots and genocide of Muslims many people especially hindutvadis claim that this was just a reaction of Godhra train burning incident which resulted in death of 50+ Kar Sevaks. However fact of matter is that who burnt the train was not convincingly known even after years of investigation.

There were 2 investigations that were ordered by various governments:

  1. Umesh Chandra Banerjee Report: By Lalu Yadav/UPA in 2004. It concluded the Godhra train fire was accidentalExcerpts from the Justice U C Banerjee Committee report.
  2. Nanavati-Shah report: By Modi/BJP which has just submitted its findings to the Gujarat CM while the accused is Prime Minister.

An objective critique of both reports by an independent journalist is at – Godhra: A forgotten history of tragic escalations by Samrat Choudhury on India Post, but the courts accepted the version by Nanavati-Shah and their report was used as the basis for further legal proceedings.

The investigations that were not ordered by any government:

  1. SIT ordered by the SC in response to an SLP – Its members were not picked by the SC though (but by Gujarat Counsel, an Amicus Curae negotiating business deals with Modi’s government) and comprised of Gujarat IPS officers. It indicted Modi but found insufficient evidence to prosecute which the lower court Magistrate accepted.
  2. Concerned Citizens Tribunal – Headed by ex-SC judges Krishna Iyer, P. B. Sawant and Teesta Setalvad concluded the train fire was being misused to hide a state-sponsored progrom.



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