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Targeting Madrassas with Unreasonable Dictats

As stated several times through course of several articles the ideology of hindutva is nothing but aimed at Islam & Muslim bashing. India has several thousand madrasas which is attended by mainly Muslim students especially those from the underprivileged and marginalized background. These madrasas generally run on the basis of government funds and donations. As it is run for Muslims and by Muslims it is an easy target for the hindutva brigade who have time and again tried to target these institutions by claiming that they are imparting extremist ideologies and are breeding ground for terrorists and anti-nationals. Though there has not been single case of any person who has been proven to be a terrorist by Indian courts who happened to be a madrasas pass-out. But as we know nowadays it is very easy to spread false propaganda and repeat lies 100 times to make it the truth. In fact Madrasas and maktabs played outstanding roles in India’s war of independence

After the election of Yogi Adityanath as CM of UP the most populated states in India the situation has become worse. As we all know yogi had several criminal cases against him before he became the CM, including religious hate-mongering and incitement of riots. As he has portrayed himself as the champion of hindutva cause through which he has cultivated his vote-bank, he has a reputation to keep to appease his right-wing supporters due to which he has taken many unreasonable steps targeting madrasas through various excuses.

Madrasas were asked to hoist the National Flag and sing the National Anthem as part of Independence Day celebrations and take video recording of the same. Now hoisting flag or singing anthem is not an issue in itself but problem is forcing minority institution to do so and asking for proof as if minorities need to provide evidence for their patriotism is objectionable. Then came revision of syllabus, again the syllabus needs modernization but forcing saffron brand of mythical history down the throat of Muslim students is not modernization. Then came the dictat of forced holidays on non-Muslim festivals and reduction in holidays of Muslim festivals which has no logic as almost all the students attending madrasas are Muslims.

Getting shot in the arm by seeing this treatment of madrasas by the government machinery itself the hindutva goons have now got shot in the arm and there are several cases madrasa teachers & students being assaulted on trains and in places where they are vulnerable. However the kind of alacrity shown while passing unreasonable dictats is missing when it comes to acting against such goons.

Muslims realize that madrasas are not the best place to impart education to child and that’s why rarely the well to do Muslims sent their kids to these institutions (as per Sachar Committee report only 4% of muslim kids go to madrasas), but it should be realized that the existence of madrasa is failure of government to provide basic education and healthcare facilities to all its citizens even 70 years after independence.

Muslim Graduation Percent

As per Sachar Committee report an alarming 60% of urban Muslim kids do not attend any school. Under this background Government should thank madrasas for doing whatever they can with the limited resources they have at their disposal in providing basic education for marginalized sections of the society. Also madrasas and maktabs have role of imparting basic religious education for Muslims across different stratas of society which government cant deny.

Sachar nails madrasa myth that muslim kids attend madrasas in overwhelming majority: Only 4% Muslim kids go there

Sachar Committee data shows that only 3 to 4 per cent of school-going Muslim children go to madrasas. Dispelling the impression that Muslims flock to madrasas in large numbers, the Committee report concludes that “Muslim parents are not averse to mainstream education or to send their children to affordable government schools.”

So it is in the interest of nation to bring the madrasas mainstream and encourage and support them to bring their education at par with the other education systems instead of demonizing them and harassing those associated with running these institutions as it will only isolate them further and create bigger schism with other institutions and syllabus.


Madrasas don’t need dictats from government in terms of proclaiming “vande mataram” or “bharat mata” or deciding public holidays for them, instead they need funds for modernization of infrastructure facilities, quality teachers and education boards who are involved in upgrading of syllabus and monitoring implementation of modernization schemes so as to make it at par with other education boards. Better would be to implement Sachar committee recommendation to also open a public school close to a madarsa and let people choose what type of education they want for their kids. Best would be to have a madarsa which provides both modern and Islamic education to its students.

Number of Madrasa Students



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