Rape of 8 yo girl & BJP Leader Protesting in Favor of Accused


    The politicians surprise us time and again…when we feel that they have already reached the lowest level they surprise us with something more morally depraving than before.

    This time there are two incidents which is enough to demolish whatsoever moral high ground taken by certain political parties who claim themselves to be the champion of nationalism.

    Eight year old Asifa from Kathua was kidnapped, gang-raped raped & brutally murdered by members of their village from different tribe whose aim was to force them to leave the village. As per police report, during her period in captivity Asifa was drugged and raped by many people including police officers and retired government official.

    Rapes have been increasingly happening in India but what has made the people come out in protest especially for this particular incident is the combination of several factors as identified below:

    • The police say the attack was planned and carried out to try and drive her Bakarwal Muslim nomadic community out of the area.
    • Four Police officers among accused (accused include retired government official, four police officers and a juvenilep; Sanji Ram, a 60-year-old retired government officer, allegedly planned the crime with the help of police officers Surender Verma, Anand Dutta, Tilak Raj and Mr Khajuria.)
    • Lawyers tried to stop police entering the court to file a charge sheet
    • Two ministers from the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) attended a rally in support of the accused.
    • Investigators allege that Mr Khajuria and the other police officers – some of whom lodged the complaint and accompanied the family in the search – washed Asifa’s bloodied and mud-spattered clothes before sending them to a forensic lab. [BBC]
    • Asifas family was prevented by HINDU RIGHTWING Activists from burying her in village graveyard and their parents had to take her body 7 miles away for burial.
    • Asifas lawyer facing threat from Jammu Bar Association president BS Slathia; Supreme Court on April 13, as the apex court took a strong note of certain lawyers obstructing the judicial process in the case
    • Sikh special public prosecutors appointed for Kathua rape case trial to ensure ‘neutrality’.
    • Victim’s father has approached the Supreme Court seeking safety, security and transfer of the case outside of Jammu and Kashmir.
    • The lawyer representing the Kathua rape victim’s family, Deepika Singh Rajawat, on Sunday said that she fears for her life and that she may be raped or murdered.
    • Bar Association of Kathua takes back offer to defend Kathua rape accused free of cost.
    • “They said if our men are given the death sentence, we will kill you one by one. After Asifa’s body was found, Hindu people came to us and threatened us,” he said.

    Second incident is of Unnav in UP where hindutva champion yogi Adityanath with 20+ criminal cases has become the CM of the state. Once he became the CM he removed all cases against himself and his buddies one of whom was even accused of rape. whereas the policemen in his state are conducting fake staged encounters and killing small time & petty criminals and even few innocent people along the way, leaders in his party are running amock fearlessly and doing whatever they want without fear of law whatsoever. So there is a BJP leader who has been accused of rape and the victim was running pillar to post to get case registered against him however policemen refused to register an FIR.

    After 6 months of incident and relentless effort from the hapless victim to get justice her father got thrashed badly by the brother of the accused and after that a false case was registered against the father and he was put in jail and denied medical treatment subsequent to which he succumbed to injuries. even after death of father it took another 7-10 days for police to even arrest the accused.

    Imagine this happens in state headed by person who was portraying (fake) concern for hindu women who married muslim men out of their free will by labeling such marriages as cases of love jihad and even inciting his followers to forcefully marry muslim women as revenge.

    Point to note is the behavior of lawyers who were trying to protect police from filing charge sheet against rape accused in kathua and even protesting in favor of accused. Asifas lawyer is now facing threat from Jammu Bar Association president BS Slathia. BJP/RSS through its unlimited resources generated through crony capitalism has developed a network of lawyers who are used to settle political scores, fight for hindutva cause by defending hatemongers and rioters and harass those who speak out against their political masters. We all know how Kanhaiyya Kumar was attacked inside the court premises last year by these hindutva affiliated lawyer goons and even students and journalists were not spared while policemen remained mute spectators.

    Pathetic state of affairs !

    Note: This site is aimed at spreading communal harmony and fight against hate-mongering. We recognize the fact that religion is not motivating factor for any crime. We would like to differentiate between the cult of hindutvadis vs hindu religion. And we would like to recognize the fact that the lawyer of Asifa is a Hindu Women who is taking enormous risk and facing social stigmatization and even threats to her life for standing up for truth.

    Today, I don’t know, I am not in my senses. I can be raped. I can be killed and may be they won’t allow me to practice in court,” said Advocate Rajawat, adding, “They (have) isolated me, I don’t know how I can survive.” She added that she has been labeled anti-Hindu and socially boycotted.


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