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Political Appointments in Public Sector Undertakings…It pays to be a Bhakt !

Off late it has been noticed that many BJP members are being appointed in director positions in Public Sector Undertakings including the “navratnas”. Just couple of days back BJP Spokesperson was appointed as director in ONGC one of the most prestigious PSUs in India.

We all have heard him ranting about “nationalism” and “bharat mata” etc. across various news channels and calling others as “chors”, however when it came to his personal benefit he forgot all his preaching which he used to dish out for free daily on air.

This is the true face of all such pseudo nationalists and the less said about the Pradhan Chaukidar the better. Pradhan Chaukidar is ensuring that all money remains in hands of BJP so that they can cling to power for as long as possible. All his talk about honesty and corruption is for others not for his own party-men as has been seen in numerous examples. However what more could we expect from people who are intellectually dishonest ?

Point to be noted is that this is not one isolated instance but “The Centre has named at least 16 BJP leaders as independent directors of various public sector units, The Indian Express reported. Shazia Ilmi, the vice president of BJP’s Delhi unit, was appointed the independent director in Engineers India Limited in January. In May, BJP leader Syed Zafar Islam was named the non-official independent director of state-owned airline Air India.”  – scroll.in

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra appointed director in ONGC


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