Communal & Casteist Police & Its Role in Subverting Freedom & Justice


There is an alarming trend in India, which though dates back several decades but has become more widespread in recent times and this trend is of Indian Police becoming more and more communal and casteist thereby failing to protect the rights of minorities and underprivileged and siding with the rich and powerful. At the behest of the current ruling party with communal and divisive agenda the law enforcers have become law unto themselves and instead of preventing communal goons from harassing innocent people they are backing them blindly. This is not to say that vast majority of police officers are doing their job or trying to do their job honestly – however there is clear political pressure in favor of the Hindutva backed groups.

One of the modus operandi of these cowardly Hindutva goons is to first collect a mob of people to attack individual generally who is vocal against the current government and its communal ideology and later claim that this was a result of their religious sentiments being hurt by something stated or written by the victim. The next step is for police to come into picture and instead of defending the victim file false cases and join the Hindutvadis in abusing and taunting this individual and locking them up under false charges. Journalists, Poets, Academicians and Lawyers & Rights activists have all been targeted in similar fashion. Even people who are very old have not been spared. Many times the courts are overturning these charges and releasing the accused however there is no recompense for the humiliation and pain that these people had to go through, neither those guilty are penalized. The Hindutvadi goons who are leading such mobs are the future political leaders of country going by the past history as we have seen many such criminals goons and terror accused in corridors of power.

The sheer brazenness and audacity with which such incidents are happening and the increase in frequency of such cases especially in BJP ruled states confirm that this is being done with proper political backing. Hence it is not coincidence that India is slipping down in ranking of global press freedom and human rights index, but those in power and those supporting these corrupt and communal politicians either blindly or due to hate against particular community give damn to such stats. The perpetrators of such crime are often nurtured and even promoted in their political ranks thereby encouraging more such incidents in future.

Source: The Human Freedom Index 2020,

Very recent case is about a poet who was heckled and roughed up by son of BJP politician in a BJP ruled state before being booked on false charges on the basis of supposed video clipping where he was insulting Hindu religion; the same police who had booked him and put him behind bars have on record stated that they have no video evidence of the alleged crime.

“…..Speaking to India Today TV, Tukojigang police station SHO Kamlesh Sharma said, “We have examined two video footages given by the complainant. Nothing has been found to be malicious in the same.…”
A local court rejected their bail pleas and sent them to judicial custody. They were booked under sections 295-A (outraging religious feelings), 269 (unlawful or negligent act likely to spread the infection of any disease dangerous to life), and other provisions.
Eklavya Singh Gaur, the BJP MP’s son who filed the complaint, further added, The show mocked Hindu deities by passing indecent comments. The Godhra incident and Union Home Minister Amit Shah were also mentioned inappropriately.

Time is now for the world to step in as our democratic institutions are collapsing one by one and there is not a single institution which can now be trusted 100% to uphold justice and rule of law.

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