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Media Role in Propaganda & Social Engineering

Modern day propaganda uses all the Media channels available to spread its message including press, radio, television, film, computers, posters, ads & billboards, speeches, flags, books, plays, cartoons, poetry, music, cultural events and awards & ceremonies etc.

Propaganda was existing since thousands of years however due to the advent of technology like internet social media, radio & television it is now possible to make it reach vast majority of population and hence influence thoughts, ideologies, attitudes, beliefs, principles and behavior like never before.

Many times the propaganda is introduced in subtly in such a way that a person is unable to realize how he is being influenced often it is done in the garb of “nationalism”, “national security”, “women’s right”, “modernization”, “democracy”, “preserving our values”, “preserving our way of life” etc. as Joseph Goebbels has stated “Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.

Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will. - Joseph Goebbels


Generally propaganda appeals to the emotions of people rather than their intellects, it diverts your mind from thinking critically and logically and based upon facts. Also media exposure is manipulated in such a way that it can change our perception by making small things appear big or isolated events appear routine and vice-verca. Propaganda can make us hate and blame the victims of oppression and it may make us love those who are oppressors, it can make us believe the dishonest as honest it can make believe crooks as saints it can make us buy products which we don’t need and so on. In short those who control the media control the people in today’s times.

Nowadays mainstream media is being used as a political tool and media is selling its souls to the highest bidder which has led to new word in dictionary i.e presstitute. Most democracies in the world are no better or even worse than dictatorship or monarchy, only difference here is that people think they are making informed choice while on the contrary they are being influenced through media where politicians are investing their ill-gotten wealth to create propaganda before the elections. They are changing the narratives on the basis of which the elections are fought, they are making people focus on non issues and making them making people fight among each other rather than they fighting elections on the basis of development plank and on the basis of real issues.

So there is a dangerous triad of politicians-businessmen-presstitutes who are controlling entire nation where rich are becoming richer so much so that the entire wealth of nation is concentrated ion the hands of few handful individuals while the poor are becoming poorer. The politicians are making rules which favor the handful of rich people while media presents justifications and spin to make all these things to appear as good for the future of country. We have rich businessmen defaulting on loans worth crores while poor farmers committing suicide after being harassed for loans worth few thousands. Sad state of affairs indeed.

Story about what really goes on behind the big news stories of the day. (Originally posted on a blog called True Stories, no longer on the Internet, in 2007)

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