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Is court ban on diwali crackers an “attack on Hindus or Hindu religion” ?

Off late there has been a sense of victim hood among the Hindutva brigade where it reacts on court judgement with defiance and chest beating. Just sometime back they were preaching Muslims on issue of reform and triple talaq.

Now that court has ordered ban on sale of firecrackers many hindutvadis are raising several questions which pertain to fact that they feel Hindu festivals are specifically being targeted.

Some “what aboutism’s” from Hindutva brigade w.r.t Diwali fire cracker ban by court

  • What about pollution caused by animal slaughter during Eid al Adha
  • What about pain & suffering caused to animals by Islamic method of slaughter
  • What about vehicular & industrial pollution which happens 365 days a year
  • Why how does 1 day of Diwali pollution matter so much (It is just 0.27%) [chetan bhagat]

Many who are speaking on behalf of Hindus are opportunists playing to the gallery and feeding the sentiments of “minority appeasement” which was a successful propaganda by Hindutva brigade and resulted in big electoral gains during 2014 elections.

Now coming to the claims let us analyze them one by one.

What about pollution caused by animal slaughter during Eid al Adha 

This claim is similar to PM claiming that his heart pains on seeing India become leading exporter of beef during congress rule just before 2014 elections.

  • Point to note is that 4 out of 6 leading exporters of beef in India are Hindus
  • As almost all meat from sacrifice on Eid al Adha is consumed there is no wastage
  • Meat is distributed among poor and needy who rarely get chance to have nutritious diet; FYI India ranks 100th in world hunger index ranking (out of 119 countries)
  • So if you are really against sacrifice on Eid al Adha then you should ban all meat consumption and ban meat exports
  • Lastly you cant compare essential commodity (food) with something which is entertainment like fire crackers

What about pollution caused by Vehicles & Industries

  • There is court ruling which forced use of CNG in public transit vehicles in Delhi for example.
  • Vehicles & Industries have to adhere to environmental standards
  • The pollution caused by vehicles are far less harmful than that from fire crackers (which contain carcinogenic substances)

Diwali is only 1 day in a year hence 0.27%

  • Already pollution is touching peak limits and too much spike in a day can make situation much worse causing severe respiratory diseases and even lead to deaths for many
  • 1 Day of Diwali pollution is equivalent to pollution caused during several normal days

Rants by crooks @ mediacrooks


“…..The last thing me or any sane Hindu would want is lectures or sermons on practices of Hindus from a Desert Cult duffer. These guys who cannot get an actor to play Mohammad or make a biopic on his violent life seem to enjoy ranting at others. Had a Hindu politician done this, the anti-Hindu media would have asked questions to PM Modi. But this Sonia-bootlicker Shehzad trashes other religious icons but nobody questions Sonia. The hatred for Hindus and their Gods flows directly from Sonia among filthy Congis…………….That is laughable. Mughals or Muslims have never understood or respected the concept of light.…………..”

Let us see the allegations made by mediacrooks against muslims and islam in this single post:

  • Calling other religions as “desert cult”
  • Alleging that life of prophet PBUH was violent
  • Alleging that “Muslims have never understood or respected the concept of light”
  • Alleging that “You CANNOT write one page of Mughal or any Islamic history without writing about the brutal mass-murders and bloodshed
The above show the real face of They call others as crooks but they themselves are crooks. The point is that before the BJP came into power these opportunists were silent, however after coming of BJP in power they are rejoicing like frogs croacking in the rainy season. Islam doesn’t permit Muslims to denigrate other religions, I think no religion does, however Hindutva is not a religion it is a name for Muslim bashing.
Here is an ignoramus who has become the darling of Hindutva brigade making rabid comments against the prophet PBUH without knowing anything about Islam whose only knowledge of Islam comes from islamophobic websites and speeches. However what more to expect from bhakts ?
I think medicrooks like all hindutvadis should focus on learning their own history first before commenting on other religions because the Hindutva bubble needs only a tiny prick to burst.
By the way there is a GK quiz question for mediacrooks: how many people died in Mahabharata ?




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