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Muslim Population Growth Myth

Will India end up having a Muslim majority in the future?

It is a nice trend nowadays to ask hypothetical questions and then use it as an excuse to bash Muslims and Islam.

People commenting here that in 2050 India will become a majority nation and using it to spread Islamophobia and then claiming love jihad etc etc. has become a common phenomena due to growing intolerance in the country especially after the BJP lead and RSS backed government came to power.

And we all know the fascist agenda of RSS and we also know that this organization has done lot of ground work over the last 30–40 years and we are only seeing the result of its divisive agenda now.

So we have educated Hindus portraying their Islamophobia and hatred against Islam and Muslims by presenting half baked, false and concocted stories in the name of facts and history to justify what they have learn from anti Islamic hate sites. and through the media propaganda.

I will try to answer all the baseless allegations and propaganda one by one as time permits.


India May end up to be Muslim majority country due to higher birth rate of Muslims (and lower birth rate of hindus)


This is very well answered in the following article (T N Ninan: Ghar wapsi for logic) the summary of which is :

If there’s one thing the 2011 Census shows, it’s that India will remain overwhelmingly Hindu forever.

“…Will India cease to be Hindu-majority at some point? The answer is never, unless those dreaming of an Akhand Bharat find some way to re-incorporate Pakistan and Bangladesh into the folds of the motherland and accept some 350 million additional Muslims as fellow-citizens. Even then, Muslims will not be more than 35 per cent of the combined population of a re-united country. So those dreaming of Akhand Bharat should not feel threatened by demographic diminution. In any case, no land borders are going to change, so let’s deal with India as we have it….”

We should deal with the Census numbers on community-wise population growth with rationality rather than based upon emotion.

T N NInan: Ghar wapsi for logic | Business Standard Opinion



Population of other religions decreased drastically after Muslims became majority in some countries like pakistan


After Pakistan gained independence from Britain on 14 August 1947, 4.4 million of the country’s Hindus and Sikhs migrated to India while 4.1 million Muslims moved from India to live in Pakistan. Source:wiki

In the 1951 census:

In the 1997 census:

  • The percentage of Hindus remained stable at 1.6% in Pakistan.

Now let us see the decline in number of Muslims in Indian Punjab – this follows the same trend as the decline of hindus in Sindh – this was due to mass migration.

The Vanishing Hindus of Pakistan – a Demographic Study


So there was no change in % of Hindus in Pakistan between 1951 and 1997


Crimes against Hindus in Bengal & Kairana – U.P [while ignoring crimes against Muslims in Gujurat, Assam and Muzaffarpur (UP)]


Again, I think this is another propaganda by BJP/RSS especially because they could not make any inroad in West Bengal elections and were drubbed soundly by Mamta Bannerjees party.

Any state which has a different government than their own they start accusing of being a “Jungle Raj” and any leader who is (strong) opponent of modi becomes a butt of ridicule like “maulana” mulayam, (mad, joker, traitor, terrorist sympathiser) kejriwal, (pappu) rahul, bap-beti ki sarkar, etc. etc. however they will not abstain to join hands with the same people after elections – this is typical double face of BJP/RSS.

I have seen many people in response to this discussion thread on Quora have posted pictures from West Bengal to prove that hindus are being persecuted. However they did not post pictures from other riots in which muslims were at the receiving end – like Gujarat & Muzaffarpur.

BJP MLA Sangeet Som was arrested for allegedly uploading a fake video that shows a Muslim mob brutally murdering a Hindu youth and delivering provocative speeches

One BJP leader – Sangeet Som – has been charged with circulating a fake video online that claimed to show the lynching of two Hindu Jat boys by a group of Muslims; it was actually a video from Pakistan that was two years old. [with respect to Muzafarpur /U.P riots]

In fact there is BJP/RSS link in most cases where there is disturbance in communal harmony, and same is the case with West Bengal.

BJP, RSS social media army responsible for communalising Malda riot: Derek O’Brien


The list that is being circulated is false. “Madan Lal was killed 20 years ago, SP Jain died in 1991, Shri Chand in 1991, Subodh Jain in 2009, Sushil Garg in 2000 and Dr Sanjay Garg in 1998 and all those accused in these killings were Hindu“.

Hukum Kumar, a BJP legislator with alleged involvement in Muzaffarnagar riots, presented a list of 346 families who fled the town of Kairana in UP, calling it a ‘New Kashmir’. (NHRC notice to UP on ‘Kashmir-like exodus’ from Shamli town – Times of India)

Notice that in the above TOI article, nowhere is it mentioned that NHRC called the situation a ‘Kashmir-like Exodus’, those are Hukum Kumar’s words that TOI has quoted in its headline. The NHRC wants reports of this rapid migration of people because of the “fear of criminals”, not Muslims. [By the way, the NHRC, beside which so many saffronists are now (falsely) rallying, is the same NHRC that charged Mr. Modi’s state govt. guilty in its report on Gujarat 2002]

Mr. Kumar conveniently took a step a back and declared that, after all, this is not a Hindu-Muslim issue:

By mistake someone in my team mentioned Hindu families. I asked them to change that. I stick to my stand that this is not a Hindu-Muslim issue. This is just a list of people who have left Kairana under duress…I have asked my workers to re-verify…a few names may be off the mark, but largely it’s the same. It’s not a communal issue, but a law and order problem

(Source: Calling It Hindu Exodus A Mistake By My Team: BJP MP On Kairana)

Is it true that 350 Hindu families have fled from Kairana, UP due to Muslim atrocities or is it a false news?…

Truth of Kairana: Election Season has Arrived for the BJP in UP

BJP raked up Kairana exodus to instigate communal riots: Mayawati


Ethnic Cleansing Kashmiri Pandits


Please read the article below which gives a balanced view on the subject:

A tale of two ethnic cleansings in Kashmir

Although our media pride themselves on free and bold speech, they maintain a conspiracy of silence on some issues relating to the supposed “national interest.” This includes the mass killing and expulsion of lakhs of Muslims from Jammu in 1947. That story should be recalled on this sombre anniversary.

Today, Jammu is a Hindu-majority area. But in 1947, it had a Muslim majority. The communal riots of 1947 fell most heavily on Jammu’s Muslims; lakhs fled into what became Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. That turned Jammu’s Muslim majority into a Hindu majority. In sheer scale, this far exceeded the ethnic cleansing of Pandits five decades later.

The tragedies of J&K constitute a long, horrific tale of death and inhumanity. It has many villains and no heroes. Both sides have been guilty of ethnic cleansing. Both claim to be victims, forgetting they have also been perpetrators. On the 25th anniversary of the Azaadi uprising, the Hindu-Muslim divide is deeper, and ethnic amnesia more selective, than ever before. Some stories do not have happy endings.

So officially only 220 pandits were killed in the valley in 1990s But the threat of violence was so great, and the chances of curbing it so remote, that lakhs of Pandits fled.

Those who raise their voice against the plight of kahmiri pandits should also not forget to mention the mass killing and expulsion of lakhs of Muslims from Jammu in 1947.

We should condemn the death of even 1 innocent person and not take sides in blaming each other because no one can claim to be less guilty than the other.



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