There is a saying ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS, RSS is a double faced organization – officially it makes some statements for public consumption however its real ideology is amply clear if you read the books and statements of the founding fathers and ideologues of RSS. Also there is nothing hidden by actions on the ground by the RSS workers and their affiliates like VHP, Bajrang Dal etc.

So those RSS members who speak against minorities are just those few of them who are foolish enough to bring to their tongue what is in their hearts.

RSS is highly successful in spreading the cancer of hatred and distrust between minorities and the majority population and their planned and well calculated strategy is slowly bearing fruit with favorable government at the center; So has the viciousness in their statements increased over the last few years.

Both the above videos depict open and brazen lies being preached to brainwash the common people especially young and even children. Some of the common themes of their hate speech is:
  1. Islam calls for killing of kaafirs (non-Muslims)
  2. They are taking advantage of tolerance of Hindus
  3. They are like snakes ie backstabbers
  4. Mocking Muslims and their social, cultural and religious beliefs
The aim of the above exercise is to Incite violence and hatred towards Muslims & Christians among the Hindu youth.It is not a hidden fact that the founding fathers of RSS were anti-minority; you can go through the below links and have a look at their mindset:
So under this backdrop you don’t expect RSS to condemn any anti-muslim statement that anyone would make without some ifs and buts.