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Fake followers on social media

Politics in today’s age is not about real issues like social equity, development, employment etc. rather it is about creating non-issues and propaganda. The subtlety with which the politicians used to operate earlier especially while criticizing their opponents or their policies has vanished, of late they are becoming more and more aggressive and even don’t abstain from making personal attacks. The politicians have started taking people for granted and why shouldn’t they when they have seen how easy it is to foll the gullible masses with the same tricks again and again and one of the important tools of politicians is propaganda through which he uses many channels including social media.

In this battle of perception it is one of the bragging requirements of politicians to compete with one another on the basis of number of followers on social media. As we know Indian PM is very careful about his image both online and offline and has one of the largest number of followers on the social media platform like twitter. It is important for politicians to present themselves as being loved by the masses as politics is all about perception and in this battle of perception they want to win by hook or by crook. So is the case with the number of followers on twitter for Indian PM whose account when audited showed high percentage of fake id’s to be his followers.

Even opposition leaders were not very far…

If this was not enough there are allegations of political parties using bots against each other to enhance their social media presence, run down opponents and aid their propaganda. Political parties have IT Cells now with 100 of staffs on payroll which monitor such campaigns and create adulterated content which include photo-shopped images etc. to manipulate the masses. Some often used tactics is to depict huge crowd during rallies of their leader / party when the crowd was thin, this is created through photo-shopped images of some other event superimposed on the real one. Even video clippings are edited to give totally different message than what was intended, fake ids are used to re-tweet propaganda in favor of or against party or specific individuals belonging to particular parties, opinion polls are created with loaded question and answers and always depict the result which is pre-decided…. all in all the difference between truth and falsehood is becoming more and more difficult to gauge for the common people.

Pathetic state of affairs indeed….


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