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Common Ploy by Islamophobes in their Anti-islamic Propaganda


They quote (sometimes partially / half sentence) references from Quran and Hadith and presented false translation and concocted interpretation/explanation of the same

…this is very common ploy…to mix truth and falsehood to win the trust first and then FOOL them.
Each group has its own agenda and they only speak what is in line with their narrative. If something is against this narrative then they ignore it reason being that there is a difference between their action and their words. What they claim outwardly is different from what they actually believe in or the agenda they are pursuing.
It is worth mentioning that there are Christian and Jewish organizations who are funding most of the Islamophobic sites and TV channels which is blatantly spreading hate against Islam and Muslims.
Latching on to FABRICATED sira/biography narrations in books by (Ibn Ishaaq, Ibn Hishaam etc.) while ignoring the authentic narrations in hadith books.
There are many false stories in Ibn Ishaq and Al-Tabari (NOTE: Go here read about other false stories about Prophet Muhammad)

Writing about Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, the Orientalist scholar W Montgomery Watt wrote: “Of all the world’s great men, none has been so much maligned as Muhammad.” 

Some such Malicious and Islamophobic Clams and their Response:
Young Marriage in Other Religions
BLATANT LIES / RUMORS  superimposed with PICTURES / VIDEOS / CARTOONS /GRAFFITI which will instigate people against Islam & Muslims. These pictures or videos may not be having any relation with Muslims whatsoever and may not even be linked to the context or situation as mentioned in the propaganda.
PICTURES / VIDEOS of Actions of few deviated Muslims who are indulging in criminal activities thereby insinuating that Islam promotes violence. The fact is that Islam is what is mentioned in Islamic scriptures as preached by prophet PBUH & as understood by the companions & righteous predecessors. So actions of individuals or group of people can never prove anything unless the same can be found in the Islamic scriptures.
As, the perception is based upon awareness and exposure – the exposure to anti Islamic propaganda is much more (due to the strong backing behind the websites and news channels) than the information which is pro-Islamic.
It has become a business now to speak against Islam and Muslims and especially if someone is an ex-Muslim, he immediately becomes the darling of the media. However media does not give the same space to people who have converted to Islam out of their own free will, they don’t give the same space to ex-Christians who criticize Christianity for example.


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