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BJP’s Double Standards on Fake News & Press Freedom

The BJP government came to power riding on the wave of organized social media campaign led by team of IT professionals (BJP IT Cell). The instances when the social media campaign of BJP spread fake news against it’s Political & Ideological Opponents as well as hate against Muslims and Christians is too many to even keep track of.

These hate campaigns are based upon a calculated strategy of BJP to divide the nation on communal and religious lines so that they can consolidate the hindu voters for if the hindu voter is consolidated there is no need to worry about other voters considering 80% of India’s population is hindu. So BJP tried to demonize muslims, christians and also cleverly tried to link its political opponents with minority appeasement tag thereby alienating hindus against other political parties.

So Mulayam Singh for example became Mulla Mulayam, congress became Khangress, Sonia Gandhi was always referred to as an Italian and so on, the purpose behind such characterization was to convey that Muslims & Christians cant be trusted and that anything bad or evil should have Muslims or Islamic connection. This was in line with the  RSS ideology and the opinion of the founding fathers of RSS. So to keep the fire of communal hate burning day and night the paid sycophant media sang praises of govt and didn’t miss any opportunity to demonize Muslims and Islam be it the case of Zakir Naik, Triple Talaaq, Article 370 / Kashmir, the CAA / NRC protests or the Tableeghi Jamaat.

Even when the blatant lies of BJP IT Cell and Paid Mainstream Media channels is exposed rarely they offer any apology, they just shrug it off and start propagating new lies with renewed vigor. Such shameless brazenness from the paid media channels is driven from their confidence that they wont be penalized for any wrongdoing as all the state machinery including police and judiciary is acting as an agent of the government.

The hypocrisy doesn’t stop at that, any independent media or journalist who dare to question the government are targeted first by social media trolls on payroll of BJP IT Cell as being as being anti-nationals or members of break-India gang and even face harassment by government agencies like ED, CBI, NIA etc. Their small and genuine mistakes are highlighted and used for browbeating them into silence while government gives free hand to mainstream media in their fake propaganda and hate campaigns in demonizing opposition politicians and Muslims. Those who are benefiting maximum from government policies are the crony capitalists who provide funding to BJP to keep running their election and fake propaganda machine. No one has any clue how to break this cycle meanwhile the BJP /RSS government becomes stronger day by day as India heads towards Fascism.

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