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BJP IT Cell the Gutter spreading Filth

We have all heard about BJP IT Cell and its role in creating and executing marketing strategies for influencing public opinions on social media especially before elections. From outside the BJP IT Cell seems to operate like a big company with many branches and divisions spread across India with reach to even remote towns and villages having thousands of employees in its ranks. However the interview and discussions with ex-employee of IT cell as posted below shows that there is more than what meets the eye.

Based upon what has been revealed during the interview it seems that this organization is a very effective, efficient & mean propaganda machine where employees leave all their ethics and morality and indulge in character assassination, rumor mongering, inciting hatred, rewriting history, manipulating facts, fake news peddling, impersonation, insult, blasphemy, mockery and any other tools at their disposal to create communal polarization and phobia of Muslims and other minorities and help consolidate the “hindu votebank” for the BJP. The sheer scale and volume at which this organization operates is astounding with crores of rupees as its annual budget it is anybody’s guess who is funding this expense and what benefit they would be getting later as result of this support.

Also it is important to note that there are many employees who know what they are doing is wrong but are forced to work due to lack of other employment opportunities. We all know how government has failed to create jobs and live up to its promise of job creation made during election campaign. So on one hand jobs have become very difficult and on other there is a very easy way to earn decent income & amenities by joining BJP IT Cell where you are paid handsomely just by tweeting and posting and liking entire day with multiple phone numbers and user ids with option of even working from home.

Interview of ex-employee of BJP IT Cell  by Dhruv Rathee  

Darl Secrets of BJP IT Cell from its own ex-employee

Key Points from the discussion about BJP IT Cell:

  • It is huge organization with 1000’s of employees spread across India
  • Many more people are mobilized before elections who maybe on temporary basis and have options of working from home
  • Famous personalities profiles are often used to create groups with large number of followers
  • All news is given a communal twist of Hindu and Muslim
  • The top 150 are in direct touch with PM, BJP President and other leaders of BJP / RSS
  • Fake Pictures are often used to incite religious polarization
  • News websites are created (to give some sense of credibility) and then fake news is published on these websites after which this big team of IT Cell starts sharing retweeting this fake news across all social media platforms
  • Top 150 or so employees are ones creating content like tweets, posts on facebook and articles published on their own news websites. Rest do the job of circulating it, sharing across large groups, increasing number of likes and posting on different social media platforms like whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc.




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