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Beef Ban & Hindutva Hypocrisy

There is a wave in India, Wave of sudden rise in love and sanctity of Cows, Indian are known to be intelligent across of the world. But when it’s the matter of their mythical religious beliefs they may outshine as the most ignorant creed of all.

This wave of love was implanted in the hearts of both educated and uneducated Indians by the current ruling party BJP both overtly and covertly. The mascot who was able to convincingly sell his wicked vision/beliefs is now the prime minister of India, NM.
A little background check on NM – the person who rose to power my creating chaos in the land, by showing impotence during the riots in his governed state – state of gujarat, swept the elections from thumping majority years after years.

How could a no one with no proper education or grooming manage to fool so many Indians (read majority) first in his state for more than a decade and then to nation – to answer this you need to understand how Indians in general are…
Let’s take a case of cow slaughtering and beef consumption for instance to explore the answers.

Cow in India is considered holy under Hindu religious beliefs, on that notion NM was very instrumental in putting congress on the line of fire from his of propaganda items as a strategy to win the elections.

He lamented congress on the fact that India is or was becoming the largest exporter of beef in the world and how his heart cries to be considered one. The Cow as an animal or Cow as a Hindu religions sanctity is unhindered, what has also not changed is the fact that India still was as is one of the largest exporter of beef in the world.
Ever since BJP and NM came to power, it has begun to matter most – one might wonder the person who was crying his heart out for Gau Mata (Mother Cow) may have done something about the fact of Cow being slaughtered for meat and leather purposes not just because it was one of elections sell for them but because Cow is as much as holy to him as to other Indians (read Majority).

BJP and NM are in power for more than 3 years and the PM of India did nothing to change this fact. What was shown initially as a matter of religious sanctity by the BJP is only serving good to harass and kill people in the name of religion.
Goons from RSS/VHP/BAJRANG DAL/HINDU Vahini ( hindu terrorist organizations) are the foot soldiers to kill poor minorities ( Dalits/muslims/Christians) in the disguise of saving the Cow from being slaughtered.

One might ask had they been so much for the Cow slaughtered they must have killed the BJP party leaders for not changing the fact that India continues to export beef.
You see the problem is not with these goons in the ground, whose only source of income is from creating mischief in the land and their KPIS are met by killing/harassing/beating the poor people cowardly with surprise attacks on passerbys in herds.

The problem is with the intellects in India who see things now and have seen things in past, these intellects are the hypocrites of all. They should be ashamed of their intelligence if they intellect by being fooled by uneducated/immoral/ lots whether it be the goons on the ground or their leader whos ruling the country now.

They see the truth yet they chose to veil it with illogical arguments, ignorant rants and false accusations. They would not give a thought before calling a Pakistani Taliban a radical or fundamentalist but if you just say that an RSS/VHP/BAJRANG DAL a Talibanist of India their hypocrisy is at everyone’s display.

They see the evil caused by these goons in day to day life that harms the peace of the city/state/nation yet they remain blind to the fact that these goons are no more loyal to their religion than to the cause.
If you see country and the leader its being said that a leader is as good as the people of the nation, a leader is a reflection of the people…


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