Is radicalism among the jews limited to fringe elements ?

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We try to analyse the question of whether radicalism among the jews is limited to fringe elements OR is subscribed by large % of Jews and the stats seem to suggest the later as shown below:

Half of Israeli Jews want Palestinians expelled

Poll: Half of Israeli Jews want Palestinians expelled

survey of Israeli attitudes by the Pew Research Center. The poll response that is generating the most attention is the finding that almost half of Israeli Jews agreed with the statement “Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel”:

Israeli Jews are divided on the question of whether Arabs should be allowed to live in the Jewish state. The survey asked Jews whether they strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree with the statement that “Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel.” Roughly half of Israeli Jews strongly agree (21%) or agree (27%), while a similar share disagree (29%) or strongly disagree (17%).

– See more at: Palestinian citizens of Israel respond to poll showing Jewish support for expelling Arabs from country

In the above video it was assumed that those muslims supporting Shariah were Radicals. Now applying the same logic – those jews who support the HALAKHA (Jewish law and jurisprudence, based on the Talmud) Should be considered radicals

Ans the result is as below:

So by his logic approximately 1/3rd of Jews in Israel are radicals

Few friendships and marriages in Israel cross religious lines

Discrimination against muslims in Israel

Many Israeli Jews support extra judicial killings

Poll: 53% Israelis support extrajudicial killings

Overwhelming majorities of Jews agree that they deserve preferential treatment

The first in-depth study of religion in Israel, which was released on Tuesday, also found that overwhelming majorities among both West Bank settlers (85 percent) and other Israeli Jews (79 percent) agreed or strongly agreed that Jews deserve preferential treatment in Israel.

Overwhelming majorities of Jews Promote Illegal Settlements

Another noticeable finding was that more Israeli Jews believed continued settlement-building in the West Bank helped Israel’s security than those who found them harmful – even 13 percent of those on the “left side of the ideological spectrum” said settlements were helpful, the survey found.

According to the poll, about eight in 10 Palestinian citizens of Israel believe there is heavy discrimination in Israeli society against Muslims, the biggest of the religious minorities, while a vast majority of Jewish respondents (74 percent) said they did not see such discrimination.

The poll raised alarms inside Israel, with Rivlin saying it portrayed “a very dangerous situation”, especially in the “attitude towards Israel’s Arab citizens”.

Palestinian citizens of Israel respond to poll showing Jewish support for expelling Arabs from country

Most Jews want to expel Palestinians — Pew’s ugly portrait of Israel

Israel’s Religiously Divided Society